Mr Ray Van Den Nieuwenhof

A previous posting mentioned Ray and the important role he played in identifying the danger to the preservation of the original memorial during the site redevelopment from gasworks to the present residential estate. And when it subsequently disappeared his was a crucial role in galvanising support for a replica to be manufactured and subsequently dedicated by the NSW Governor in 2010.

Unfortunately Ray moved to Canada before the rededication and he has always wanted to visit us to view the memorial. He has kept an eye on us online and is overwhelmed with how the Memorial has become the focus for our Anzac Day service and how important those services have been for the relatives we have tracked down.

Ray visited us on Friday 11 August and resplendent in his uniform of the Canadian Legion (their equivalent of our RSL but with a more formal appearance) he laid a wreath and made the speech he wanted to make at the 2010 dedication.

This was a very emotional event for Ray and it is very pleasing that he was able to journey down under and see the result of his efforts.





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