This website provides information on the War Memorial located at Breakfast Point in Sydney, NSW. The Memorial lists the names of those employees of the Australian Gaslight Company who perished in World War One.

The following pages give a brief history of the families of those who died, where they served during the War, and an indication of the impact of their death on their families.

Material has been sourced from publicly available information in the Australian War Memorial (AWM), the National Library of Australia (NLA), newspapers, miscellaneous websites dedicated to the War, and various family history databases. Acknowledgement also to Kevin Casey one of the driving forces behind the new memorial and also for the original document he produced (AWM catalogue number MSS2055) on which a lot of this website is based.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the details are correct, no living persons are identified and any errors are the author’s. Note that some of those with common names are not easily identified as AGL employees and best judgement was used to document the most likely person.

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